Older Stone Drafts
Here is a table of all the older regular and special run drafts that I have in my collection.

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The Standing Drafter

Also know as the Percheron or the Belgain. The first release of this mold was MG's Prince (2,500 made). Who is pictured above. He is black with a small star and blue and white ribbons. This mold snice then has been made into several different colors.  Some of my favorite ones are the Brookheart's gunmetal black with orange ribbons, 4 seasons "Winter" and "Spring" in metalic silver and gold,  the regular run/pre pro dapple bay,  I also like the SLT red roan SR and the aged grey SR.  Click on the pictures below to view a larger picture. These are the Stone Standing Drafters that I have.

State Line Tack SR for 1999 Bay/Red Roan. This is the rare variation. (He has a snip). The normal ones do not have a snip. I don't know how many with the snip were produced. Blue with white ribbons.
Regular Run Black Dapple. This is the normal one with teal green ribbons. I am still looking for the variation which is the slate blue ribbons. If anyone has one of these for sale LMK!
Brookheart's SR for 1998, 500 made. This horse is a goregous gun metal black. Orange/White and Silver ribbons. Signed by the driver of the Brookheart's Belgain team.
This is the pre-production dapple bay for 1999. Has the light blue ribbons with white. There is also a snip on his nose. Around 200 or so of these were made. The regular dapple bay has no snip and has black with gold ribbons. Both kinds are goregous bays!
This is regular dapple bay has no snip and has black with gold ribbons. Both kinds are goregous bays!
This is the regular run blonde Belgain # 9604 in 1997?. This guy has won many photo show champs for me in the past! As far as I know there are no major variations of this run.
This is the 1997 SR peter stone breakfast "Woody". Different from the regular run woodgrain. This one is lighter in color with more reds in the color. Also has burgundy ribbons in mane only. No tail ribbons on any of them were produced. 300 made.
Pecos Chief. Black and White spotted draft. Discontinued this year (1999) No major variations of this have been reported. Red with White ribbons.
This is the black percheron varitaion. 60 of these were made. Light lavender ribbons with white. The normal balck has red and white ribbons. This horse has been discontinued as well as the normal one.
This is the regular run black percheron with red and white ribbons. This horse was made for only one year. The major variation is above (with lavender ribbons).
This is the dark sorrel Belgain. This one is the variation. He is darker than the normal one and his ribbons are light baby blue instead of the normal one with dark navy blue ribbons. 60 of these were made. Both variations of this model have been discontinued.
Glossy Red Roan produced in 1999. Blue and pink ribbons. No major variations on this guy. Neat color!
This is the SLT SR. Aged Grey Percheron with red and white ribbons. I have seen this horse with lots of dapples and some that don't have any like mine pictured here. Other than that I don't know of any varitions.
This one has been signed by Pstone.
This is the first one of the Four Season's SR for Cascade Models. "Winter" done in a metallic silver, 500 of these were made. They are sold out now. Dark blue and white ribbons. This horse is goregous in person!
This is the second one of the Four Season's SR for Cascade Models. "Spring" done in a metallic burnised gold, 500 of these will be made. They are still avail at Cascade models. Light green/gold and white ribbons. This horse is also goregous in person!
Regular run woodgrain. Darker than the Breakfast model. Dark Hunter green ribbons in mane only. No tail ribbons were produced. Discontinued.
Normal high gloss black Percheron for 1999. Red/White and blue ribbons. The Semi gloss pre-pro variation has slightly different ribbons. I am also looking for one of these if you have one for sale please LMK.
3B Deakon SR for Triple B Models. 500 were made and all are sold out. Blue and white ribbons. No major variations.
Regular Run Dark Dapple Grey. Snice this model was produced for so long he differs in the shades of grey or less to more dapples. Has red ribbons with white.
Regular run light dapple grey percheron. Blue with white ribbons. I have heard of variations with ribbons, but nothing was confirmed.
Holidays 1999. Produced for 1999 only. Pearly white with Red green and gold ribbons. Gold hooves and gold highlight in mane/tail. Hideous looking horse! LOL
Pecos Papoose. Daughter of Pecos Chief. Black and white tobiano. Red with white ribbons. Discontinued this year (1999).
"Bobby" for 2000 regular run. Has been dicontinued-ran for only one year. Lovely shaded chestnut color on this horse. Red and white ribbons only.
"Lyric" 2001 regular run. Dark sorrel w/ green/white and yellow ribbons. Some people are getting this horse confused with the above horse. They were produced in different years.
"Lizzie" for 2000. Medium dappled grey. This run has ranged from black dapples to light dapples. This horse is in between. Green and gold ribbons.
Regular Run "Fred" 2001. White with roaning. White ribbons with red and black.
SR for Riegsecker 2000 run of 500. First 250 were made with Blue/white/yellow ribbons. Second half of 250 was made with Black/green/gold. All have a white halter and bit. This one is number 102/500. Grey with dark areas.
Regular Run Dark Sorrel. This is the normal one with the dark blue ribbons. Compared to the variation that has light blue. No pics yet!
Red Sorrel. Has been discontinued. Red with white ribbons. Made for one year. No pics yet!

The Clydesdale/Shire

This is my favorite PS mold so far. I have over 27 of them so far.   The first edition of the clydesdale was Travis a bright bay.  There are two major versions of travis out there, both of which I have have.  There are also major variations of the balck shire and the dark bay.  I have these two variations as well.  The Holidays '98 horse has several variation.  One is from SLT with different ribbons and comes with a ribbon and bell around his neck.  The second is the regular one (sometimes seen with reversed free mane /tail ribbons).  The third variation is not that common but there are some with gold shaded hooves rather than silver.  I also have a black shire with balck eyes w/ dots.  I have one with brown eyes and reversed ribbons.  The dark bay regular has a variation with reversed ribbons as well.  Whew!  There are alot of variations on these horses!  Below are a few pictures of some of the horses listed above:

This is the variation Travis. 200 of these were made. This one has the ribbons/bobs painted differently than the normal ones. There is white on the top of the bob and red on the bottom. There are no dots on the bobs. Also these Travis's don't have really dark/black points like the normal ones.
This is the normal Travis. They usually have black points. The Ribbons are White with a red dot in the center. Run of 2,500. Dicontinued.
This is the regular "normal" run Dark Bay. Green ribbons with white dot in the center. This one has tan hooves and a blad face. I have seen slight variations of these with the free ribbons in the mane and forlock are reversed. For example, the top on being green and the bottom white and vice versa. I don't know which one is more common.
This the Major variation of the Dark Bay. This guy is a beatiful red bay actually. Four jet black hooves. Different bald face from the normal. The ribbons differ as well, White on the top dark green on the bottom. No dots on the bobs. I have heard about 120 of these were produced before they were changed(maybe less). Very beautiful horse!
This is "Andy" regular run for 1999. Beatiful dark dapple bay. Excellent paint job on this guy. I don't know of any variations on him. Alternating Red/White and some blue (forelock and tail) in ribbons.
1999 Red Bay. A Dark Red Bay with Sabino markings on belly (on the left side not shown) . With White on the top and red on the bottom ribbons. Discontined this year (1999)?
"Manchester" 2001 in a wild bay sabino. I have one coming soon. I will get pictures up ASAP.
"Flyod on the Piano" Signiture Series. Very few made.
"Morning Glory" 2001 SR in strawberry roan sabino. 108 have been made. This has no bobs and has been made into a mare.
Goregous dark seal bay shire new for 2000. Ribbons are nicely colored with gold on top, slate blue in the center with red dots. The rest of the ribbons in his mane are gold. Tail ribbons are slate blue/gold and red. Has a blaze with snip. Eyes are black.
Goregous dark wood grain Clydesdale. This was a run of 2,500. With silver ribbons. A must have!
This is the Stone Breakfast model "Rhodonite" I have seen these range from bright pink to almost a grey/pink/purple seen here. The coat has specks of black in it. Black points. Very striking model. Teal with white ribbons. 600 made?
1999 Grulla Sabino regular run. There are two major variations of this that I know. One is dark with crisp markings the other is a more light washed out looking one. 36 of the dark nice versions were released? The one pictured is the rarer version. He is more brownish with bright red ribbons. The Normal one has cranberry ribbons and a more washed out color.
This is the Jamboree model Stake a Claim. Done in a blue roan sabino. Around 700 made? White with gold ribbons. Very Pretty! .
Artisan's Hall horse. Done by Ed Gonzales. Dark dapple grey Shire. Signed and numbered (#18).
SR done for Rosemount 1999. 500 were made. White with gold ribbons. Done in a blue frost, with motling skin around the eyes and nose. There are lots of minor variations in the how much the skin is motled or how dark the skin is. Signed and dated by PStone.
Year 2000 peter stone regular run. "Forrester" Light grey shire with snip. Red and black ribbons. Eyes are brown and black. Very pretty!
Stone Holidays 1998. Limited to 1998. This one has soooo many variations! I could be here all day trying to decribe them all to you. Well here goes... The norm should be Red ribbons with green dot in the center, silver hooves. Altough within the norm you can have the minor variation of the free ribbons in mane/forelock and even the tail!, switching the color order. Like red on top and green on the bottom and vice versa. Another minor variation it the Holidays is the one with gold hooves in stead of silver! I don't know how many of these made it out. I have one. These are all minor variations the major variation is below.
This is the SLT SR of the Holidays 1998. I don't know how many of these were produced. The ribbons on this one differ completly form the regular one. The bobs are White with red mid pieces. Then there is green in the dots at the base with green/red in forlock/ free ribbons and tail. The horse came with a bell and ribbon that said happy holidays 1998. Everything else sould be normal colored on this horse.
Regular Run 1/2 year for 2000. "Cream" Creamy w/ dark point coloring with red ribbons and tail bow. Glossy.
"Laced in Silver" for 2001. Light dapple Grey with green and gold ribbons.
"Nashville Brass" for 2000. Has been dicontinued. Nice color and markings.
Shire in black. This one has Brown eyes, which I think is the normal one. The minor variation is the one with the black eyes with a white dot in the center? I don't know how many of these were made. Both have tan hanpainted hooves and normal blaze. Red bobs with a white dot in the center. Agian the free ribbons of these can switch colors. The major variation is bleow!
Black Shire major varitaiton. Around 60 (but I think there are less than that) of these guys made it out. Has four airbrush socks instead of high stockings, hand stenciled bald face. Ribbons differ, White on the top and red on the bottom. No dots on the bobs. JET BLACK HOOVES. Beautiful horse!
Black Sabino clydesdale. Made for only one year. Blue bobs with white dot in center. Agian the minor variation are with the free ribbon switching colors. They can also alternate in the tail too. I have three of these guys and all are different! No real major variations.
Year 2000 black/brown shire. Has crisp markings on belly and face. Yellow and white ribbons. Tri color eyes.
Regular Run 1/2 year for 2000. "Cappacino" charcoal coloring with red ribbons and tail bow. Glossy.
SR "Cerulian Blue" for 2001. 108 made, has one blue eye with red, white and blue ribbons.
Blue Agate clydesdale test run I won at 2001 Equilocity. Only one made. Black ribbons.