in a rose grey (chestnut gone grey)

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Last update 01/31/2008

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Pictures taken 5/18/2008

Pictures taken 5/26/2008

Pictures taken 06/05/2008
Coming along nicely. His left side has more work done to it than his right. His mane and tail are ~80% done and his body is ~40% done. I also started some facial detail and some fleabites! More pictures to come!

I've started blending in dappples,added fleabites and started working on his upper legs. I also worked on more of his facial detail and the start of greying out his mane to that cool mulberry color. It also looks as if he will have one sock on his front right :0) I am going to keep blending dapples, finish up his lower legs, finish greying the mane/tail, add some more fleabites, finish up his head and those minor details like eyes/hooves etc.

Ok here are recent pictures of the Stormy taken this year. :0) I still have alot of work to do! His mane and tail still need to be greyed. Please ignore his lower legs (they are my handles for now). Still a work in progress!!! (sorry for the dark pictures! But you get the idea.)

Again, sorry for the dark pics. The sun doesn't like to come out when I am ready to take pictures! Then my battery in my camera died. Oh well I did get three pictures out of it. Here are updated progression pictures. A little bit of chestnut shading on him now. Legs are getting done. More details to do....

Here are the final pictures of the Stormy. Now more of a rose grey.